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Premium Medium 20 Black / Smoked Car & Office Window Tinting Tint Film

Premium Medium 20 Black / Smoked Car & Office Window Tinting Tint Film
Premium Medium 20 Black / Smoked Car & Office Window Tinting Tint Film
Premium Medium 20 Black / Smoked Car & Office Window Tinting Tint Film
Premium Medium 20 Black / Smoked Car & Office Window Tinting Tint Film
Premium Medium 20 Black / Smoked Car & Office Window Tinting Tint Film
Premium Medium 20 Black / Smoked Car & Office Window Tinting Tint Film
Premium Medium 20 Black / Smoked Car & Office Window Tinting Tint Film
Premium Medium 20 Black / Smoked Car & Office Window Tinting Tint Film

Premium Medium 20 Black / Smoked Car & Office Window Tinting Tint Film
Cleaning / Prep & Chemicals. Measure / Mark & Trim. PREMIUM MEDIUM 20 - BLACK / SMOKED CAR & OFFICE WINDOW TINTING TINT FILM. Professional quality - used by most professional tint shops. Excellent for heat shrinking on curved windows. Non Fade - Scratch Resistant. Can be applied to vehicles and most other glazing. Prevents UV light for skin conditions and fading of fabrics etc. You still see out fine day and night. Dark smoked effect where people looking in may see someone behind the glass but not necessarily who it is. NEW Anti-bubble Premium Medium 20% - Exactly the same as standard premium medium 20% but with new special air escape technology.

This means once you have squeegeed the film out during fitting if you make a mistake any air bubbles will disappear over a period of 14 days as any air that is trapped under the film is slowly released. We recommend if you do get bubbles you try to make them as small as possible so that the time it takes them to disappear is reduced.

(Please note just because the standard is not bubble free this does not mean you will get bubbles, if you follow the instructions properly and do not make a mistake you will get a bubble free finish with the standard too). 1ply - Dyed Polyester - Non Metalized - Easy Shrink. V transmission - 1% Visible light transmission - 21% Solar energy rejected - 39% Solar reflection - 6% Solar absorption - 46% Solar transmission - 48% Glare reduction - 75%. Premium Medium 20% Data Sheet.

Free courier is for UK mainland only and does not cover Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, any other offshore islands and the Scottish highlands. With all films bought you will receive full fitting instructions on paper.

IMPORTANT :- Applications are NOT RECOMMENDED in the following situations:- When outside temperatures are below freezing or in very bright direct sunlight. To rough cast glass surfaces. TOOLS REQUIRED - Washing up liquid, Spray bottle, Squeegee, Craft knife, Glass scraper, Straight edge, Tape measure, Soft lint free cloth. Please see our tools category for various tools and fitting kits.

Creasing & folding must be avoided. Applications need to be carried out in a draught & dust free situation. PREPARATION & PRE-CLEANING are vitally important & care must be taken to flush any dirt particles out of the window frame. Some airborne dust may get under the film, but this is difficult to avoid completely & it's presence will not affect the performance of the installation. DURING DRYING OUT some haziness will be evident & this will disappear & dry out over a 2-4 week period.

CLEANING as you would for normal windows but not until 2 weeks after installation & always with a soft leather or cloth and clean water, never use any abrasive cleaners or cleaners that contain amonia. Make up the slip solution in spray bottle (1 tsp washing up liquid to 1 pint cold water). Thoroughly wash glass with slip solution & squeegee dry.

Remove paint, varnish or other foreign matter with a scraper. Spray glass with slip solution & squeegee out, checking that the glass surface is very clean & dust free. Window film may be cut to approximate size with a very sharp blade or scissors.

It is recommended that the film be cut at least 1/2 longer & wider than the glass. You are now ready to apply the film to the glass. Note: Separate a corner of the'window film' and liner with 2 small pieces of adhesive tape on either side of the product.

Thoroughly wet the glass with the slip solution, this will hold the film in place whilst you remove the clear liner. Place film on wet glass with liner facing you. From the ready separated corner carefully peel off the liner.

Spray the adhesive surface generously with the slip solution (you cannot apply too much solution). Carefully reverse film on to the glass so that the adhesive side is now in contact with the glass.

Note: Keep film taut and straight, do not allow film to curl up on itself or to wrinkle. A crease or wrinkle will not flatten out on application. Position the film by gently sliding on wet surface and smoothing out large air bubbles.

Ensure all glass area is covered by the film with slight overlap on all sides. Spray the film with the slip solution to give slip for the squeegee. The first stroke should be horizontal across the top of the window. The next stroke should be downwards from one edge with succeeding strokes working down and away from the first strokes. On final squeegee of the top & bottom edges the squeegee may be pushed towards the edges to remove any excess water.

If a particle is trapped behind the film, carefully lift the film from the nearest corner & remove the particle. Before replacing the film, spray sufficient slip solution to thoroughly wet the glass & film. Replace the film & re-squeegee. Using a straight edge (should have about 1/8 thickness), place it on end at the edge of the window. Trim the film using a razor blade of craft knife so that there is a margin width of the straight edge of about 1/8.

Repeat for each edge of the window. After trimming remove excess film. A firm pressure is necessary to effect a strong bond.

Important note to customer: Sellers and manufacturers only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective prior to fitting. Laws must be adhered to when applying to vehicles. Window film and the benefits - Saves Energy - All of Tintfit's window films help reduce heat transmission through glass. Depending on the film selected, you can achieve a huge percentage of total solar energy rejection.

When less solar energy comes into or is kept in your home or office building, your climate control system doesn't have to work as hard. The result: significant savings on your energy bills.

Increases Comfort - With less heat from the sun coming through the glass, there is lower solar heat gain and fewer hot spots, so building occupants can enjoy a more comfortable interior environment. Reduces Glare - Glare reduction helps make an interior environment more comfortable, functional and enjoyable as it allows occupants to watch television and view computer screens with greater ease. Improves Appearance - Our window films range from virtually invisible to 100% unable to see through in a range of different colours to compliment the building or car they are being applied to. This does not mean it will not scratch it simply means the film will resist scratches up to a certain point. Improves Safety - Although products not listed under the'security' category are not considered'safe and secure', once they bond to glass, they can help make that glass more shatter-resistant by holding broken splinters and shards together in the event of malicious, accidental or storm-related breakage.

Reduces Fading - All Tintfit's window films help reduce fading of interior furnishings by blocking out as much as 99% of harmful and damaging ultraviolet light. The exact degree of fade reduction depends on your specific film selection, as well as the overall environment. Visible Light Transmission - A common concern about installing window film is that it may reduce too much of the visible light so making internal areas darker. This concern is often more perception than reality.

The human eye works like a camera lens. It adjusts to the loss of light and therefore compensates any major changes in light levels received by the brain.

Visible Light of Film 100% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 100% Visible Light of Film 80% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 87% Visible Light of Film 60% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 82% Visible Light of Film 33% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 68% Visible Light of Film 18% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 55% Visible Light of Film 14% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 49% Visible Light of Film 0% - Light Perceived by Human Eye 0%. All of our products come with a 14 day guarantee. We do not require a return authorisation. We recommend you use an insured carrier to return the item.

If your order is damaged in any way once you receive it i. (We are unable to replace damaged goods if you have used or tried to fit them). Address - Tintfit Window Films Unit 26 Harvey Close Crowther Industrial Estate Washington Tyne & Wear NE38 0AB United Kingdom. Estándar Mediano 20 - Negro/Ahumado Coche & Oficina Tintado Ventana Película. Standard Medio 20 - Nero/Affumicati Auto & Ufficio Finestra Tinta Pellicola. Standard Medium 20 - Noir/Teinté Voiture & Bureau Teinture Fenêtre Film Teinte. Standard Medium 20 - Schwarz / Geräuchert Auto & Büro Scheibentönung. This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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  • Width: 152cm (4' 11.8\
  • Length: 20m (65' 7\
  • Finish: Standard
  • Material: Window Film
  • Brand: Tintfit Window Films

Premium Medium 20 Black / Smoked Car & Office Window Tinting Tint Film